Building Blue Carbon Projects

Marine and coastal ecosystems and mangroves in particular, are an important heritage for Abu Dhabi and continue to be of high intrinsic value to the people of the Emirate. These environments represent the legacy of the late HH Sheikh Zayed, who prioritized conservation and harnessed the cultural value of mangroves as a driver for conservation.

Local, National and Regional Climate Change Programme

Globally, natural habitats provide a wide variety of benefits to people, known as ecosystem services, which are estimated to be worth between US$127-145 trillion/year (Costanza et al. 2014).


A prior study, the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project, (ADBC) quantified carbon stocks and the other services provided by coastal and marine Blue Carbon ecosystems along the coast of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, and also contributed to the improved understanding of this relatively new concept on a regional and international level (Crooks et al., 2013

NATIONAL BLUE CARBON - Executive Summary

Today the world faces multiple global challenges such as drought, population growth, economic development and the effects of climate change. All these have significant effects on our natural resources and ecosystems.

UAE Mangroves Annual Carbon Sequestration Project

Trial Assessment of Mangrove Soil Carbon Sequestration Rates in the United Arab Emirates